Crisis Committees

These are the crisis committees for CMUNC 2018, crisis committees for CMUNC 2019 will be up soon.

ad hoc

Chair: Sharat Durbhakula
Crisis Director: Matt Steffanetta

This is an ad hoc committee whose topic will be set at the discretion of the Secretary General. It is designed for the most experienced delegates and will require a separate application, which can be found here.

animal farm

Chair: Yuichiro Kakutani
Crisis Director: Reema Kumar

"A spectre is haunting the Manor Farm, — the spectre of Animalism. Soon or late the day is coming, when tyrant Man shall be overthrown and the fruitful fields of England shall be trod by beasts alone." 

Such was the promise of Old Major, the old, visionary boar who did not live to see the revolution he prophesied. In the original timeline, his promise was not kept: the revolution devolved into a deformed workers’ state, a kleptocracy that oppressed the very animals it was supposed to liberate. But it didn't have to end this way. Comrades, fend off the Reactionary imperialists! Forge, and break without hesitation, alliances of convenience with friends and foe, animals and humans! And of course, never forget to periodically purge the enemies of the Revolution! Do whatever it takes to consolidate what you believe to be the revolutionary mandate. Those who hesitate to act will soon find themselves in the knacker's yard...

JCC: English civil war - cavaliers

Chair: Robin Zhang
Head Crisis Director: Jenniston Francis
Crisis Director: Afnan Arshad

It is 1642, and England is bitterly divided. The Royalist Cavaliers  pledge their support to King Charles I. The Royalists believe the King has the divine right to rule, and that the nation must be guided by an absolute monarchy. They do not believe the people have the experience or the ability to govern themselves, and that Parliamentary power should be limited. Which side will the future of England be entrusted to? Who has the right to lead this great kingdom?

JCC: English civil war - roundheads

Chair: Jordan Lim
Head Crisis Director: Jenniston Francis
Crisis Director: Jacob Schoifet

It is 1642, and England is bitterly divided. On one side, there is the Parliamentarian Roundheads, led by Oliver Cromwell. The Roundheads must fight against the monarchy and free the nation from the corruption and exploitation of the King. They believe Parliament should have complete control over the executive administration of England and that the King has no godly right to rule. Which side will the future of England be entrusted to? Who has the right to lead this great kingdom?

Fall of enron

Chair: Matthew Benz
Crisis Director: Kevin Guo

In October 2001, almost overnight, the Enron Corporation collapsed, becoming the posterchild
for corporate irresponsibility and accounting fraud. To cover up the Enron’s failed ventures and mounting debts, the company’s executives employed a number of accounting loopholes, special purpose entities, and deceptive reporting tactics. This was surprisingly successful, and Enron was widely regarded as one of the best-performing firms in the energy market—until 2001, when analysts and shareholders started growing suspicious.

Now, you delegates are the Enron Corporation executive board on the eve of this crisis. It is your task to save the company from bankruptcy, and yourselves from potential indictment for fraud, money laundering, insider trading, and even conspiracy.


Chair: Abigail Cutler
Crisis Director: Nick Akrawi

Welcome to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). You are tasked with helping prepare people for natural disasters and help them afterwards. This is an immense task that requires a great amount of planning and thinking on your feet. Rising global temperatures have led to more frequent and devastating disasters. At the same time, there has been a lot of criticism over FEMA's effectiveness. It is up to you to keep FEMA's image positive while also making the tough decisions necessary to keep millions of people alive in the most dire of circumstances.

mafias of nyc

Chair: Karolina Shepanzyk
Crisis Director: Caleb Carmichael

In the early 20th century, the Five Families ruled the streets of New York City. Through the tactics of murder, intimidation and corruption the Bonanno, Colombo, Gambino, Genovese, and Lucchese established their dominance. The Lucky Luciano deal, which consisted the murder of Giuseppe Masseria, declared Maranzano the boss of all bosses and officially marked the beginning of a long drawn power struggle between these Families. Delegates in this committee will have the opportunity to relive this time period and determine the fate of organized crime in New York City.


Newburgh Conspiracy

Chair: Trevor Kahl
Crisis Director: Suhas Bobba

It is March 1783. The newborn American government is still fragile and, more importantly, completely broke. An anonymous letter circulates the American Continental Army camp at Newburgh, New York, calling for soldiers to take up arms against the elite Congress that refuses to pay them. As word of a potential coup spreads, the heroes and fathers of the American Revolution must once again work against all odds to stabilize the nation and ensure the American experiment survives.

progressive era worker's assembly

Chair: Michael Johns
Crisis Director: Chrysoula Kapelonis

On the cusp of the twentieth century, the American public is fed up with corruption and crony capitalism. Workers, suffering despite the prosperity of the era, have begun to organize and demand reforms, but they do not speak with one voice. Their movement remains disorganized and without clear goals. Meanwhile, big businesses and political machines, recognizing this conflict, have begun plans to hold on to their positions by undermining this movement. Tensions are rising as unions, activists, journalists, and others all join the call for reform: but what will this reform look like?