Adjusted Crisis Committees

These are the adjusted crisis committees for CMUNC 2018, adjusted crisis committees for CMUNC 2019 will be up soon.

fake news task force

Chair: Hebani Duggal
Vice Chair: Jacqueline Groskaufmanis

Fake news is not going anywhere. If you thought you had seen it all with the spread of the Pope Francis’ alleged endorsement of Donald Trump during our most recent presidential election, you were probably in for quite the ride as November drew closer. Easy as it is to call out fake news, it is just as hard to define it in abstract terms - and even harder to come to concrete policy steps we can take across media outlets to address the spread of misinformation. This committee then will attempt to answer the questions that we have struggled with as a nation - how do we define fake news? And more importantly, how do we deal with it?

UN Security council

Chair: Austin McLaughlin
Vice Chair: Yuan Yohuan

The United Nations Security Council as one of the six principal organs of the United Nations is charged with peacekeeping actions, international sanctions, and the authorization of military action among member states. In this meeting, the committee will grapple with increasingly separatist regions in Eastern Europe and the Caucuses. Meanwhile, delegates will have to confront the harsh realities of the Yemeni Civil War as well as the ongoing genocide in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. With countries perpetually disagreeing on solutions, especially between the five permanent member states, delegates will be forced to produce real solutions in the face of devastation of some of the world’s most vulnerable peoples. The stakes have never been higher.